For the moment it is not possible to order non-stock (make-to-order) Buffalo's online. Please contact us if your size, colour is not available. Non-Stock products can have a delivery time up to 12 weeks.
Also if you would like to find out more information about any of our products or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail then please feel free contact us.


At Buffalo Systems we only use 2 different key materials, Fibre Pile and our Performance Outer Fabric. This is because we believe that the material we have is so versatile it can be used in a huge variety of conditions.

Firstly the Outers; they are all made of a high quality nylon with capillary action which spreads the water out for faster evaporation. They are all windproof to between 30-60kmp/h and come in 4 different types depending on use.

  • P4 Rip Stop is the lighter weight fabric which is used on the Light Weight range clothing. It is windproof to around 40kmp/h, are highly breathable, water resistant and light weight.
  • Classic Pertex®  (used to be called Pertex 6) is the slightly heavier weight outer fabric used on the rest of our DP Range, Sleeping bags, and a couple of Lightweight products. It is 50-60 kmp/h wind proof, highly breathable, water resistant and very durable.
  • PForm has very similar performance characteristics to Classic Pertex for performance, but offers a softer feel and a matter finish. It appears on our Alpine and Fell Jackets and our Active and ActiveLite garments, which offer the user more style and attention to detail for an urban environment, but still performs in the Mountains, as you would expect from any Buffalo garment.
  • Pertex® Equilibrium uses a double weave construction in which a tightly woven outer face provides protection from the elements whilst a more openly woven inner face helps to move moisture away from your body with soft-shell" apparel.

All our inner fabrics use various types of Fibre Pile. Fibre Pile is, due to it's construction and material, an excellent insulator and very high wicking, far more so than fleece. It will hardly hold any moisture, and any it does will warm up very fast and then be pushed away from the body, thus drying the clothing and the wearer at the same time. We use 3 different types of Fibre Pile: Aqua Therm, Teclite and Tecmax.

  • Aqua Therm is used in the majority of our winter weight clothing (Special 6 Shirt etc). It is mid weight and has a very open weave for a high warmth to weight ratio. A thicker version of this, AquaTherm Extreme, is used in our sleeping bags.
  • Teclite Pile is a light weight Micro Pile used in our Lightweight Range of clothing. It is again very breathable, but with far less insulating properties than the Aqua Therm Pile, it is ideal for milder conditions or high energy winter activities.
  • Tecmax Pile is a very thick, ultra fine Acrylic Micropile for extreme cold or when stationary for extended periods.