For the moment it is not possible to order non-stock (make-to-order) Buffalo's online. Please contact us if your size, colour is not available. Non-Stock products can have a delivery time up to 12 weeks.
Also if you would like to find out more information about any of our products or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail then please feel free contact us.

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  • Buffalo Systems Ltd


    Dutchies Today is very proud to be Buffalo Systems’ exclusive distributor for Sweden.

    Please take a look in our Dutchies Today webshop or read more about Buffalo below. Contact us at all times for questions: WE CAN SUPPLY ANY BUFFALO ITEM! (at an additional fee even tailored just for you)

    Durable, functional and affordable. NOT fashion!

    Buffalo outdoor clothing is for the user. For hikers, skiers, hunters, fishers, dog mushers, mountaineers, backpackers, cyclists, canoers. In short, for all kinds of active people loving the great outdoors. Sorry, it is not for fashionistas… Although very stylish and contemporate Buffalo does not create for design addicted couch potatoes. All focus is set on durability and function. Into protection. Into keeping you comfortable during your wilderness adventures. Last but not least Buffalo invests in saving you money.

    How? By creating highly affordable garments that:

    1. Keep you warm and dry in all type weather conditions
    2. Last for years
    3. Get even better by simply washing them regularly

    Sounds good, huh? On top of that Buffalo contributes to social welfare by having all items produced solely in its base town Sheffield (England), not compromising on fair wages, excellent working conditions and the protection of a vast UK textile heritage. The only effort Buffalo sometimes has to ask customers to maintain this precious value is to have some patience when a product is not in stock. The production team consists of skilled and motivated seamstresses, but capacity is limited and may result in a delivery time for out-of-stock or tailor-to-order products of approximately four weeks. But then again...what is 4 weeks if it brings you a great comfy garment that may well last you over a decade?

  • Dutchies.Today

    Dutchies Today

    Dutchies Today

    Dutchies Today What’s in a name? Everything! DUTCHIES, ‘of The Netherlands’, is what we are. TODAY is the here and now, the present, symbolizing our life in beautiful Sweden. Mixed together we aim to provide our customers the best of both worlds: Dutch fast-forward entrepreneurship, combined with Swedish care & balance or that lagom feeling – just right :-)

    Dutchies Today offers products to meet your outdoor lifestyle and (IT) services that could make you benefit of what we are good at:


    Dutchies.Today: dynamic and growing range of products related to outdoor life

    Buffalo Systems: pure functional & affordable clothing, designed to keep you dry and comfortable during your outdoor activities


    Liberconsult: making IT work, solid services for (small to mid-sized) businesses or individuals

    M1R1: Maintenance and Rental software systems on SAP Business One platform

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items