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öHow it works

The Buffalo DP (Pertex & Pile) System

To be comfortable in adverse conditions you need to be dry and warm. The concept behind the Buffalo DP (Double P) System is to keep the wearer comfortable no matter what nature has in store.

Moisture causes chilling – so rain and perspiration need to be kept away from the skin. To do this clothing must repel moisture from the outside, whilst eliminating it on the inside.

Whilst insulating the wearer from the cold, our pile fabric lining wicks moisture away from the body onto the outer shell Pertex,. This densely woven fabric then disperses the moisture over its surface area. where it evaporates.

In turn a micro climate is created within the garment – where overheating is controlled through the venting of side zips.

Pertex is windproof because of the tight weave of the outer surface. The breathing ability of the fabric is not based on air passing through the weave of the fabric, but by moisture absorbed in the inner yarn passed to the outer yarn (which passes from the outer yarn to the outside air). Adding a waterproof coating would trap the moisture in the yarn, instead of letting it pass through the yarn and evaporate into the air.

The breathability of Pertex comes from the fabrics use of capillary action using denier gradients. Pertex combines two yarns with different properties. The inner yarn has larger filaments and outer yarn has smaller filaments. Capillary action moves moisture from larger filaments to smaller filaments without passing through the air

The key to keeping comfortable in the outdoors is to keep your skin dry. The skin chills around 40 times quicker when wet than when it is dry, so our clothing is designed to keep your skin dry.

By having highly breathable garments, along with excellent ventilation and a close fit, you need surprisingly little insulation to keep warm when active.

Buffalo clothing works if the primary layer (a Shirt) is worn next to the skin AND is a close fit. The reason for getting the correct fit is that the body will not have to heat up so much 'dead' air, so the breathability and wicking performance will be greatly increased and therefore the comfort level. Whilst wearing any Buffalo garment, your body heat will push any moisture away from the skin and onto the outer fabric, which by capillary action will dispearse it, and then the wind will help evaporate it. This entire process will keep you comfortable, whatever the conditions.